Jerry Gontang


I’ll keep it as simple and as brief as possible. I’ve been playing music all my conscious life and you would think that by now I would have reached a Beatlesque level of fame and glory or completely dried up and blown away. The truth is, I have played out both scenarios but not to the extreme that you just imagined. And while standing at the crossroads once again, I can see by the detour and caution signs posted that the road less traveled will be much riskier but shorter and more entertaining. Thank goodness my Shannon has the patience and grace to allow me to continue down this chosen path.

My “One Particular Harbor” is San Diego CA where I was born and raised and I am so proud and glad to be a native of America’s Finest City. My formative musical influences were the Lennon Sisters, The Kingston Trio, Burl Ives, my sister Gina (piano) and my brothers Ozzie (rhythm and theory) and Allan (guitar and banjo). My brother Jimmy, although not musically inclined, could cook one helluva pot of Gumbo. My parents were BIG on having fun with live music and whenever they got together with friends, out came the guitars and harmonicas and up went the voices in an evening full of sing alongs and serenades.

I’ve been in and out of more bands than I can remember, ridden the lyrical coat tails of Jimmy Buffett for over thirty years and spent the last two decades entertaining poeple in a music and humor group called Oh! Ridge. I am currently a member of a Tropical Rock and Roll band called Stars On The Water enjoying recognition and popularity from coast to coast and border to border. I have over sixty Buffett songs in my repertoire and another twenty or so that I can recall if someone prompts me with the words. I also do classic and current rock and roll

I am a member  of several Parrot Head Clubs across the United States and have performed with members of Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band. Bottom line is I’m just a regular guy having a good time.